Welcome to Liverpool City Little Athletics Centre


Liverpool City Little Athletics follows the little Athletics motto of "Family, Fun and Fitness"

We encourage our athletes to achieve their personal best in a variety of track and field events while having fun and making lots of friends. We cater for children from the ages from 4 years through to 17. 

The Season runs from September through to March



State Reps 2015-16 Season 

 Cameron Banovich, Zachary Benci, Rebecca Brett, Alexis Galu, Jake Hewett, Laswari Iboro, Hannah Kaine, Lexis Kaleti,Calvin Kongmalavong,  Emillio Martinez, Paige Merriman, Mykaila Norman, Olivia Pyda, Raven Pyda, Daniel Reynolds, Jordan Roth, Marisa Stojanovic, Wiremu Taylor, Jamin Tikeri, Leteine Tikeri & Georgia Towell.



 Regional Representatives

U8B Jesse Chukwudi -100m-3rd, 200m-3rd, 70m-1st Record 10.67
U9B Emillio Martinez - Discus-2nd
U9G Mykaila Norman-100m-1st,60H-1st,70m-1st,200m-2nd
U9B Laswari Iboro- High Jump-1st
U9G Breana Steele- Long jump-3rd
U9G Olivia Pyda- 400m-1st, 800m-1st
U9G Lexis Kaleti-Shot put2nd, Discus-2nd
U9B Zachary Benci- 60H-1st, Long jump-3rd
U10B Samir Ekermawi- Walk-3rd
U10G Crystal Rose Siteman- High jump-3rd
U10G Marisa Stojanovic- Walk-1st
U11B Cameron Banovich- 200m-2nd
U11G Alexis Galu- 100m-3rd
U11B Raven Pyda- Walk-1st
U12G Jamin Tikeri- Discus-3rd, Shot put-1st
U12B Wiremu Taylor- Discus-2nd
U13G LeTeine Tikeri- Shot put-2nd,Discus-2nd
U13G Page Merriman- 3000m-1st, 1500m-1st, 800m-2nd
U13B Calvin Kongmalavong- 200H-3rd
U15B Jamie Dinte- 3000m-3rd
U15G Rianna Cooley-Javelin 3rd
U17G Rebecca Brett-100m-1st Record 12.63, Triple jump-1st, 200m-1st, Long jump-2nd
U17G Hannah Kaine- 800m-3rd
U17G Georgia Towell- 200H-2nd
U17G Jordan Roth- 1500m-1st, 800m-2nd
U17B Daniel Reynolds- Javelin-2nd




Friday Night Competition 

                                                       Tiny Tots 5:30PM                                             

                                               U6-U17 6PM                                                    

Week 1: Walk starts at 5:45PM   

                     Week 2: 3000m starts at 5:45PM                              


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