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!!!!!!  Scroll down for changes to Standard Rules and Standard Events for 2016-2017 Season  !!!!!! 

We encourage our athletes to achieve their Personal Best in a variety of track and field events while having fun and making lots of friends. The events teach the basic motor skills of running, jumping and throwing. Little Athletics is a great start to a sport jurney for athletes of all ages. 

We cater for children from 4 through to 17 years of age.

I hope all the new Families enjoyed the trials.

We hope to see all of you register,as all the trials are now finished.

      Liverpool Gala Day 23rd October, registrations are now open.

Follow the link on the left for information/application/events

Entries Close Monday 17th October

Full Program will be available for sale on the day

Tiny Tot first call 9:15am for 9:30am start

PARA athlete first call 9:30am for 9:45am start

all other age groups first call 8:45, first event 9am


Friday Night Competition 

Tiny Tots    5:15PM   U6-U17 6PM                                         

Week 1: Walk starts at 5:45PM   Week 2: 3000m starts at 5:45PM


We encourage everyone to register online

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Changes to Standard Events and Standard Rules for 2016-2017 Season:

*all registered athletes in U12-U17 will from now on automatically become dual athletes. During the registration process they will be asked to choose a Senior Club, there will be an "independent" option, if an athlete dose not wish to join a Senior Club. The closest senior Club to our Centre is Bankstown and Campbelltown. (for more information contact Aggie on 0412 887 160)

* 200m hurdles for U15-17 will now be replaced by the 300m hurdles

* U11 and above will use 0.2 x 1.22 board for long jump and triple jump (no sand bar)


* NO SPIKE SHOES and/or starting blocks for U9 and U10

* U9 and U10 may only do SCISSOR JUMP on scissor mats (high jump)


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Where it all Started

Little Athletics evolved, like most voluntary community organisations, through the mind and conscience of one man. Trevor Billingham (now deceased) followed the pattern set by many pioneers in the field of community service. He recognised a need and introduced an idea designed to meet that need.

On an October day in 1963 three boys turned up at an athletics meeting in Geelong. They were ready to compete. On approaching an official they were told that they were too young to take part. That official was Trevor Billingham.

The disappointment, evident in the boys, left a marked impression on his mind.

The thought was forgotten; it came alive again several months later. At a coaching clinic designed for secondary school students it was noted that the majority of children were of primary school age. Reminded of his earlier experience, Trevor Billingham had an idea. The answer to the need expressed in the children would be a simple Saturday morning competition.

On the first Saturday of October 1964, he met with a small group of children on a Geelong oval. They took part in a short program of running events.

From that simple beginning, athletics for boys and girls under the age of 12, developed at a phenomenal rate. Little Athletics created tremendous interest; by 1967 the Victorian Little Athletics Association was formed.

Little Athletics in NSW

It was not long before Little Athletics spread to other parts of Australia. In 1968 the Randwick Botany centre was commenced. Behind the scenes Dick Corish was the driving force in starting Little Athletic s in this state. He worked quietly and efficiently from 1967 after he had decided that it was time NSW followed Victoria’s lead. The centre was soon firmly established.

Just prior to the commencement of the 1970/1971 Track and Field season moves were made to establish more centres, and from October 1970 to January 1971 inclusive, competition was commenced at Blacktown, Sutherland, Eastern Suburbs, Deniliquin, Murrumbidgee (Narrandera/Leeton), Manly Warringah and Hornsby.

An interesting observation from the First Annual Report in regard to the above centres, reads "all of these centres, with the exception of Manly Warringah, which may still need a little supporting, are now firmly established…......" (Manly Warringah is now one of our largest centres in NSW with over 600 registrations each season).

The Little Athletics Association of NSW formed on 8th December 1970 at a meeting at the Randwick Botany Club where a steering committee was appointed. After the acceptance of the constitution in February 1971, the general meeting decided that the steering committee should carry on the duties of the Board of Management until the Annual General Meeting in June 1971.

Under the chairmanship of Mr C D Hensley, the steering committee elected was: - Mr Lee Irvine (Blacktown centre); Mrs Winter & Mr W Kitchen (Eastern Suburbs centre); Mr A Konnecke (Manly Warringah centre); Messrs H Liu, R Singleton and F Smith (Randwick Botany centre); J Cook (Sutherland centre) with the Honorary Treasurer Mr J O Freeman and the Honorary Secretary, Mr G Soper.

Some of this committee, for various reasons, fell by the wayside but valuable assistance was received from: - Mr A McCann (Randwick Botany centre); Messrs R Hill and P Carment (Eastern Suburbs centre); Mr P Shinnick (Blacktown centre) and A Blundell.

The members elected Mr RO (Dick) Healey MP (Dec), President at it's meeting of June 18, 1971. Mr Healey was the President until July, 2000.

Growth of the Organisation

No records were kept of our registrations for the 1970/1971 season, but an estimate of 2,800 athletes is recorded in our second Annual Report.

Expansion was the feature of the organisation's achievements during the 1971/1972 season, evidenced by total registrations of 6,424 within 18 centres.

By the 1972/1973 season we had 11,365 registrations in 35 centres.

Little Athletics NSW now has approximately 40,000 members each year, who participate on a weekly basis at one of almost 200 centres across the state.

Over 1 million children have now enjoyed participation in Little Athletics in NSW since its inception.