Floorball New Zealand

Welcome to the Floorball New Zealand (FNZ) - Kia Kaha!

We are proud to introduce to New Zealand, the fast growing team sport of Floorball. Initially our affiliation links with the International Floorball Federation (IFF) and Asia Oceania Floorball Confederation (AOFC) will be vital to catching up with our region and sharing resources. Already in Asia Oceania dozens of countries are affiliated with the IFF from Thailand to Iran and yes, Australia too.

Already in NZ, there are many players in schools and now also starting in Universities. Many may have been introduced to 'unihoc' through school and Floorball is the International name and ultimate format of this style of sport.

We invite you to be part of the pioneering of the sport called Floorball in the land of the long white cloud. You will join many others male, female, young and old who enjoy this sport on many levels; social, corporate, club, representative and in volunteer capacity. If you are interested to help shape the future of Floorball in NZ please write to us on info@floorball.org.nz

Click on the images below to join the FNZ online community forums and learn more in depth about the sport of Floorball from the many people in the community.

Floorball is easy to learn, easy to teach, fast, safe and exiting!




Whats your highest Floorball experience like?

  I have never played before anything like it
  I have played something like it at school
  I have played some Floorball socially
  I have played some Floorball competitively
  I have played in a top/elite competition
  I have played at the World Champs