With the 2012 London Paralympics around the corner, the Queensland AWD Championships was set to be a big event with many athletes travelling interstate and internationally to compete.  Friday afternoon started with a heavy downpour but the championships finished on Sunday on a high note with several athletes breaking records and achieving both PP1 and PP2 Paralympic qualifying standards.


Congratulation to the following Queensland athletes who achieved London 2012 Paralympic qualifying standards:


Rachael Dodds Women 100m T35 17.16 PPP1 (A Standard)
  Women 200m T35 36.52 PPP1
Rheed McCracken Men 100m T34  16.59 PPP1
  Men 200m  T34 29.01 PPP1
Matthew Cameron Men 100m T54 14.52 PPP2 (B Standard)
Torita Isaac Women 100m T38 14.58 PPP2
Lindsay Sutton Men Shot Put F20   12.16 PPP2









Congratulation to the following athletes broke and/or set records for their respective events:


Torita Isaac Women 100m T38 14.58 Under 18
Rachael Dodds Women 100m T35 17.16  U/20, Open & Allcomers
Jess Street Women 1500m T01 6:30.29 U/18 & U/20
Jamie Howell    Women Javelin T01 23.19 Under 16
Rheed McCracken   Men 100m T34 16.59 U/16, U/18, U/20, Open &Oceania
Rheed McCracken Men 200m T34 29.01 U/16, U/18, U/20, Open, Allcomers & Oceania
Rheed McCracken Men 800m T34  1:43.55  U/16, U/18, U/20, Open, Allcomers, Oceania & WORLD BEST
Rheed McCracken Men 1500m T34 3:14.20     U/16, U/18, U/20, Open, Allcomers,  Oceania & WORLD BEST
Alberto Campbell Men 200m T20 23.72 Under 20
Alberto Campbell Men 400m    T20 52.31 Under 20


The weekend produced fantastic results with the Queensland athletes able to stand up deliver the goods against the interstate and international athletes. Queensland Athletics wish all athletes the best in their bids to achieve further Personal Bests, Paralympic, and Olympic qualifying standards at this weekend’s 2012 Open, AWD and Combined Events Championships!  Follow Queensland Athletics on Twitter and Facebook to receive up-to-date notifications throughout the competition.




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